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Welcome to a New Year

Happy Birthday

Father Castro Birthday GreetingFr. Eric Castro M.S. received a Birthday surprise early in the morning from the students at the St. Joseph E. L. C. on Sept. 9th. The children rang his doorbell and presented their gifts, banner and songs to wish our beloved pastor a Happy 44th Birthday.

The parish also commemorated his  birthday with a Birthday bash  on Sept. 14th after the 5p.m. mass. It was well attended and Fr. Eric enjoyed the evening with food, fun and fellowship.

Happy Birthday Fr. Eric , God bless you!

Welcome Back

St. Joseph ChurchOur new school year begins with our “Get to Know You” unit. This theme will help students adjust to the preschool’s routines, environment and new friends.

Each class will be compiling a “Family Quilt” activity that will be a bridge between home and school. We look forward to sharing with you in this new adventure.


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