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E.L.C. students & Malassada Crew

St. Joseph E.L.C students not only got use their five senses but they got a memory that they will never forget. They got to experience the making, cooking, boxing and tasting of the delicious malassadas on Fat Tuesday Feb. 17th. The St. Joseph Malassada Crew dose a wonderful job every year raising money for the parish and Early Learning Center.

As a thank you the student treated them to a sarinade of the song "You are My Sunshine" and "You are Special" as well as a hand made thank you card to display in the cafeteria. We appreciate all the work, time, tradition that they give to our school and church. Wishing all a blessed Lenten Season.

Happy Holidays

Children's ChoirThe students of the St. Joseph Early Learning Center got into the spirit of Holidays at the Christmas program held on Dec. 17th in the Parish gymnasium. The theme this year was "Mele Kalikimaka... an Island Christmas." The program included a enactment of the nativity story, as well as a guest appearance and accompaniment by parent and reggae artist Marty Dread, father of student Charley Hennessy.

They donned their hand-made coconut Christmas tree tee-shirts and hula skirts. They fished off with the twelve days of Christmas Hawaiian style that lead into a delicious pot-luck feast. We wish all the continued joy of Christ all through the new year.

Fire Fighting

Our Jr. Fire Fighters from St. Joseph Early Learning Center had a lot of practice learning Fire Fightersand experiencing a day as a fire fighter. Thanks to the wonderful crew at the Kahului Fire Station, Engine 10, the students enjoyed a complete tour. They got to meet the crew, tour the living quarters, shoot water at a simulated fire, go through a fire truck and even see "Spider Man" descended from the fire station tower on propel ropes.

After the visit the children had some playtime and lunch at Keopulani Park in Kahului. We pray for all the fire fighters and emergency crews that work hard to keep us safe.

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