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Staff Retreat

SJS Staff and Fr. James Orsini

The Staff of the St. Joseph Early Learning Center enjoyed fellowship, blessing and renewl from their recent staff retreat. The retreat took place at St. Theresa Church in Kehei and was facilitated by Fr. James Orsini. The theme this year was "The Year of Mercy".

The teachers and religious education leader celebrated in a privet mass, participated and helped serve at the Hale Kau Kau Kitchen and walk through the"Door of Mercy" located on church grounds.

Thank you to Monsignor Teri Watanabe, Fr. Jase Orsini staff at the Hale Kau Kau and parish staff  at St. Theresa' s Church for all their kindness and hospotality that made or retreat special to all.

Mahalo and God bless.


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