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Transportation Alphabet

Children with TrainFor our transportation themed alphabet unit the St. Joseph Preschool visit the Maui Tropical Plantation to tride the "Tram" for the letter "T". Students enjoyed the open air tour of the Waikapu grounds and got to see a coconut demonstration. Preschoolers got to see first had tractors, trucks, quads and buses do their work as vehicles of transportation.

To end the field trip they enjoyed some play time and picnic lunch at the Kahului Community Center. It was a nice way to end the school day  before Spring Break.Mahalo to the Staff and Marketing Department of the Maui Tropical Plantation.

Lion Club

Lion Club Members with StudentsStudents present the volunteers from the Lions Club with song and Mahalo poster after receiving vision screening checks on campus.St. Joseph Early Learning Center was blessed with a free vision screening from the Maui Branch of the Lions Club.

Members have been volunteering for this program that benefit the children for over 14 years. We thank them for their skill, time and care that all children learn with no visual road blocks.



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